Sunday, November 29, 2009

Success at ASHA

Let me start by thanking all of you who supported me at my recent presentation at ASHA. What a thrill to stand up there with all of you smiling and cheering me on. The vidoes of the child I used to demonstrate the effectiveness of Oral Placement Therapy for children with the diagnosis of Down syndrome was terrific. For those of you interested here is my PowerPoint (bottom of page session # 2543) and I also included a single subject study available here Part 2 .


  1. Sara-
    Yay to see that you do have a blog! I linked your blog onto mine as a resource today! I had the pleasure of meeting you when you were in Greenville, SC w/ Kathy Maxwell- just in passing. I think we'll be seeing you when you come back through next spring.
    We'll keep checking back here!

  2. Sara, I have been trying to get in touch with you since ASHA. I came up at the end and told you how inspiring you were!!!! I have a god-daughter who has DS and asked about getting you to eval her. You told me to get in touch through the website, however there is another one with a close name and I just realized this. Anyway, I am a CCC-Slp and want information on how to set up the eval, we live in Phoenix, the cost, setting the date, etc. I also have a friend whose nephew just had a baby with DS and I gave them your name. They are young and devastated over this. They are going to call me for support. I don't know how early you see them. BTW: I came home to Phoenix, and looked down at my desk. Unaware of what I had, I had purchased YOUR book Oral-Motor Exercises for Speech Clarity and it has been sitting here since last Jan!!! What a message from the universe. I am very excited to move forward on this. Peg Bunting, Phoenix, Az