Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sara's ASHA Presentation!

I've finally got my ASHA presentation re-recorded and ready for you to download or stream over the web. It is available here:


I didn't feel it was appropriate to film while at ASHA so I had to give the presentation to a camera instead of an audience, never my favorite. So, now you know why the long delay, but you also now have access to the video! I've also included a few of the handouts that go along with it. Please be patient, downloading will take a while. If you are streaming, Windows Media Player and Quicktime both work (I'm told) you just have to give it a couple minutes to get rolling.

Please pass this along to anyone who you know, I really want people to understand these basics of what we do. If anyone needs CEUs they are available through our normal site, but viewing is FREE for everyone.

Thank you!


  1. Thank you for posting this great video. I will link to it on my blog as well share it with our therapists.

    It was great seeing you last week!

  2. Hi there! I'm Via from Philippines. I want to ask if you could help me out with my undergraduate thesis regarding Oral Motor Therapy and Oral Placement therapy. I want other sectors here to be aware of this intervention because it has helped my nephew with Mild Autism a lot. Thank you very much. My e-mail address is via.saturn@gmail.com

  3. Sara- I just wanted to say I think it's awesome that you list Sofia's blog- they are an amazing family aren't they? Abigail is doing well with the protocol so far! Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for this video. I am trying to view it but cannot seem to get past the Rodrigio clip. It continues to prompt me to purchase the winzip program. Is there an account code that we should be plugging in for that section?
    Tara, NY SLP

  5. Tara, you are correct. This file is LARGE so we did a 5 minute snapshot. You can download the whole video as a Zip file (takes quite a long while, like overnight even depending on connection) and watch it that way. You may also contact TalkTools directly and they will send a DVD for free (you'll need to cover shipping).

  6. Hi:
    first of all, thank you for all your work. I am trying to download the video but for some reason it says it is not available any more. Has it been removed or re-named recently?

    Also, another question I had is - I have a 3-month old son with DS. He drinks expressed breast milk in a bottle. He takes dr. Browns bottle with level 2 nipple and he has fairly good sucking reflexes. We do feed him in an upright or semi-upright position. After reading your article, I tried the disposable liner bottles, but what I dont understand is "to give the bottle below the mouth". What does that mean? If I introduce the bottle from down the mouth, it looks like a "straw-bottle" and how would he be able to suck from it? how does the milk flow? Right now, I give him the bottle in an horizontal position with little flow at a time. And he has started sticking out his tongue a lot more in the last few days. Any help/suggestions would be of great help.